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The photographs showing the products are indicative and cannot be restrictive for the e-shop pjexfurs.com. Furthermore as far as the technical characteristics and the descriptions of the products coming from our partners or suppliers are concerned, the e-shop pjexfurs.com is free of any responsibility concerning their contents. Our obligation and main concern is that the information regarding the quality, quantity, main characteristics and prices of the products is accurate. Nevertheless, some products may appear slightly different regarding their size, colour or texture in comparison to the real ones on your computer screen.


VAT (Value Added Tax)* is included in the prices you see next to the products but not shipping cost. The shipping cost is paid by the potential customer and will be visible while making their order. At the end of your order you will be informed of the shipping cost which will be additional to the cost of the pre-selected items. The prices concern the items available and the e-shop pjexfurs.com retains its right to modify the description and price so f products without prior notification. However, the e-shop pjexfurs.com is committed to sending you the products you ordered with the characteristics and at the prices that were valid when your order was made.

*Tax excl. = price for shipping outside the EU

*Tax incl.  price for shipping inside the EU

VAT is automatically adjusted at the check out while choosing the shipping country  


Please note that we carry through your order according to our available stock. In case an item is not available in our stock, we are committed to communicating with you through email in 2 working days from the date that your order was made informing you of the time needed for the product to be delivered to you. Moreover, the availability of our products is indicative and not restrictive for the e-shop pjexfurs.com.

*Available: Shipping from 1 to 15 days depending on the availability of our stock.

Restrictions of Responsibility

There are clear indications as to the stock availability of all the products that are included in the catalogues of the e-shop pjexfurs.com. The transaction is considered complete only after sending a written electronic verification. In case the order cannot be completed because of lack of stock pjexfurs.com has the right to recede and not complete the order. In case the price of the product has already been paid, it will be returned to you with bank deposit to your bank account.


pjexfurs.com retains its right to alter or modify the above conditions of use which can be revised and updated at any time. Such alterations, modifications, additions or deletions in the conditions of use will be valid from the moment they appear on our website. Every use of the website after such alteration or modification will automatically be considered as acceptance of these changes, modifications, additions or deletions, so you are kindly requested to check the conditions of use of our website from time to time. pjexfurs.com can denounce, change, suspend or put an end to any part of the operation of this website, including the availability, presentation pictures or descriptions of any product or service.

Restriction of responsibility – Statement of Renouncement

pjexfurs.com is not responsible for any kind of damage that the potential visitor/user of the website, services, choices and contents of pjexfurs.com may under go under any circumstances including the case of negligence, to which the user acts on his own free will and having in mind the conditions of use. pjexfurs.com clearly states that we bear no responsibility whatsoever. The contents of pjexfurs.com are offered “the way they are” with no guarantee aired or consequent in anyway. According to the law and at the utmost degree pjexfurs.com denies all guarantees aired or consequent, including, but not restricted to this, those which imply the merchantability and suitability for a particular purpose. pjexfurs.com does not guarantee that the sites, services, choices and contents will be provided with no interruptions, errors or that the mistakes will be corrected.

Moreover, pjexfurs.com does not guarantee that its website or any other similar site or the servers through which these sites are available to you are provided with no viruses or other harmful components. It does not guarantee the rightness, completion and availability of the contents, sites, services, choices or their results. The cost of possible corrections or services is fully on the potential visitor/user and under no circumstances on pjexfurs.com. The shop assistants or representatives bear no responsibility for any consequent, indirect, special compensations or expenses or penalty fees, including, but not restricted only to them, escaping profits, closing down of the company, loss of information or data or loss of clientele, loss or damage of fortune or any claims that may arise from or in relation to the use, copying, or the presentation of this website or its contents or any other online website regardless of being informed, knowing or  having known about this possibility.

The use of this website is forbidden to all persons who do not have the right of legal transactions according to law (because of age, criminal record etc).



The contents of pjexfurs.com including (indicatively but not restrictively) pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, available services and in general all the files of this site are intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of pjexfurs.com apart from the explicitly mentioned exceptions (intellectual rights of third parties, collaborators and other institutions) and are protected according to the Greek law, European law and International agreements. Consequently, it is not possible for any of the above to be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or “loaded”, transmitted or distributed in any way. The restriction does not apply to the case of an individual storage of one and only copy of part of the contents of the website on a personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use and without eliminating the indication that it comes from pjexfurs.com without impinging on any relevant rights of intellectual and industrial property (as part of the consumers’ rights of information and safety).

 pjexfurs.com gives the right of access, surfing and using the website and its contents without transferring the ownership of the website and its contents. The rest of the products or services that are mentioned on the electronic pages of this website and carry the hallmarks of corporations, companies, collaborating institutions, associations or publications are their intellectual and industrial property and consequently these institutions are responsible.

 The visitor/user of the electronic pages of pjexfurs.com accepts the responsibility for any possible damage on the pjexfurs.com caused by misuse of the relevant services.


The site pjexfurs.com retains its right to modify or renew the conditions and prerequisites of its transactions. All the transactions that you make through pjexfurs.com are liable to the Greek and International law which regulate issues concerning the electronic commerce as well as to the law of consumers’ protection (Law 2251/1994) which regulates issues concerning sales from a distance. The Courts of Kastoria are exclusively responsible for any legal dispute that may arise from the use of this website and the transactions made through it.



The realization of an order through this e-shop is considered to be a sales agreement from a distance regulated by Law 2251/1994, as this law has been modified.


The personal data of users (name, electronic address, home address etc) and the transactions made by the users of this e-shop are confidential as is the case with any transaction in any store. The personal data that you make known to us with your enrolment will be exclusively used for the realization of your transactions only.

The users have the right to be informed, log out or have objections to further processing of their data according to the 13th paragraph of Law 2472/1997.

If you are under 16, you MUST have your parents' consent before using the services of this site.

If you have any questions about our treatment of your data, please cont act info@pjexfurs.com

Personal information collected by this site and why we collect it

This site collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:


If you choose to contact us using a contact form or an email link, none of the data you provide will be transferred or processed by any third party data. Your data will be used only for the needs of the communication.


If you choose to subscribe in our newsletters, your personal data will be used exclusively for sending such newsletters and won’t be transferred or processed by any third party data.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our Newsletters, you may contact with info@pjexfurs.com or you can visit the home page of our site the section Newsletters.


What is a cookie?

The term «cookie» refers to a small data file consisting solely of a set of text information that the site transmits to the web browser on your computer’s hard disk, either temporarily throughout your visit , or sometimes for longer periods, depending on the type of cookie. Cookies perform different operations (for example, you are distinguished from other site’s visitors or remember certain info for you like your preferences) and are used by most websites to improve your user experience.

Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains some anonymous information. A cookie typically contains the name of the cookie field, the cookie’s lifetime, and a value (usually in the form of a randomly generated unique number).

Types of cookies

The basic types of cookies are described below

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See the following information about the third-party cookies we use on this site, including how to disable them and the effect of disabling on the site’s functionality. If you need any help on how to manage certain types of cookies, including how to check or delete them, please visit 


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If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact info@pjexfurs.com

About this site's web server

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Third-party personal data processors

We use a number of third parties to process personal data for us. These Third-party personal data processors have been carefully selected to comply with the current legislation.

Data breaches

For any of your personal information stored in our database, all necessary action will be taken to be secure as possible.
We will report any unlawful violation of our database or any third party data processing database to all relevant stakeholders as well as authorities within 72 hours of the violation, if it is obvious that the personal data stored in recognizable form, have been stolen.



Shipping Of Products – Shipping Costs

pjexfurs.com does not bear any responsibility in the case of delay in the delivery of a product due to extreme weather conditions, strikes or other acts of force majeure. As a result the date of delivery will be extended for as long as the reason causing this delay may endure. The shipping cost is estimated and included in the order form. Our products are always accompanied with the proper vouchers. 

The total shipping cost is estimated according to the total number of items in the shopping cart.

For all orders the package cost is free.

For all orders within Greece, our products are sent through ELTA Courier or other courier and are safely delivered to the address you have indicated within 10 working days,depending on the availability of our stock,  from the date that your order was made.

The shipping cost for all orders within Greece is 3 Euro, but if you choose the “cash on delivery” payment method, there is an extra charge of 2 Euro.

For orders with destination Greece and over 100 euro, there are no shipping costs.

For orders outside Greece the products are sent with DHL courier in 3-15 working days (depending on the availability of our stock) from the order date. So far orders are completed to Europe and America. Customers with shipping address Russia, please contact with us in order to make an order. 

For orders outside Greece the following price policy applies:

Europe, America: The shipping cost is depending on the shipping country and the weight of the products. The cost is calculated automatically during check out, but you are able to also check it at the cart. 

If during check out you get a message that there are no available shipping methods, that means your order's weight is over 10 Kg for orders outside Greece or your shipping address is Russia. In that case please contact with us in order to complete the order.

Orders are completed Monday to Saturday (except bank holidays).

Orders made on Fridays after 17:00 (local time) will be approved, prepared and shipped on Monday. If you wish the product to be sent to a different address from the one you filled in for your personal data, you can give a different address of recipient in the order form system.


Cancellation of Orders

If you wish to cancel your order during the procedure of ordering, you can select “cancellation” and the procedure of ordering is automatically stopped. In case you wish to cancel your order after the final transmission, you can call +30 2467 083100 or send an email at info@pjexfurs.com


Return Policy

Our goal is to make sure you are fully satisfied. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, you have the legal right to declare that you withdraw the agreed by contract sale in fourteen (14) days from the date you received the product. In such case, you return the product to us (or to a person that has been authorized by us to receive the product), in 14 days from the date that you declared to us that you withdraw your order and we refund the money you paid us including the delivery cost in the same 14 days.

You cannot claim back any extra cost if you have clearly stated that you select a delivery service that is different to the cheapest typical delivery service that is offered by us.

Products can only be returned if they are in excellent condition. Please, note that you can send back the unwanted product with ELTA Courier (Greece) or DHL (Abroad) or other courier and charging the pjexfurs.com according to the charges mentioned above.

For your own convenience, please, check all the above at the moment of delivery and also when returning the product. After the product has been returned and all the above conditions have been fully fulfilled, we will refund your money in 14 days. We would like to inform you that you are responsible for the safe return of products. Our company is not responsible for possible loss, destruction or damage during the return procedure.

In case of replacement of a product (e.g. because of wrong size) and of no availability of the right product, your money is credited on your bank account and you can use it for any new order.

For returns, please, contact our store at info@pjexfurs.com

Faulty Products

In the unfortunate case that you receive a faulty or damaged product, pjexfurs.com will make every effort to replace the product with another same or similar one with no extra charge for you. Needless to say that you will need to inform us by email at info@pjexfurs.com



1.   With credit, debit, prepaid card:

All payments made using the card are processed through Stripe's payment processing platform which allows you to pay directly and automatically encrypts your confidential personal data using the most advanced technology. 

Time approval of your order: immediate


2. “Cash on delivery” method*

You can pay the ELTA Courier employee upon delivery of the products at your place. For such deliveries there is an extra charge of 2 Euro.

Time approval of your order: immediate

                * Applies only for Greece

3.  Bank Transfer

If you choose to pay by bank Transfer, please, contact us to reserve the products you have ordered.

Telephone number: +30 2467 083100, Email: info@pjexfurs.com


IBAN: GR13 0171 2360 0062 3614 8454 464  

Beneficiary:  Parpou Eleftheria


In the bank deposit form, please, write your name and surname or the order number and send us a copy of the deposit form.

If the deposit is not made within two days from the date that your order was made, then the order is automatically cancelled.

Time approval of your order: 2-3 days

Please, note that the products will be sent to you after a confirmation of the bank deposit has been made.

The commission cost of the bank is paid by the customer.