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1)Wholesale of fur raw materials 

PJEX Furs and accessories buy and sell fur skins and pieces of fur skins, which are collected from small industries and factories where fur apparels are produced. 

We dispose the most popular kinds of fur pieces like mink, fox and sable (like paws, heads, half skins, tails etc) in large quantities and in a very good quality. 

Please contact us for more information and availability of our products.

2)Wholesale of ready-made fur garments

Our company is directed to wholesale partner – resellers who sell clothes, accessories or home decorative garments. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner of PJEX Furs and Accessories, now you have the opportunity being distinguished between the other companies selling elegant and luxury fur apparels, unique fur accessories and wonderful blankets made of Real Fur. 

We could discuss about your proposals of clothes design.  To our company you’ll find a reliable supplier and a valuable partner for your business. 

We would be grateful if you contact us to learn more about requirements and how to get started.