Care instructions:                                                                            

Dry clean and professional fur clean only                                                                             

Fur is difficult to clean, only by professional fur clean, your local furrier or dry cleaner who is familiar with fur cleaning will work. There are some tips                                                                  

1. Shake the fur products to remove both the dust and dirt, store your fur in a cool temperature, fur shouldn’t be exposed to heat conditions and strong lights, as hot temperatures and strong lights will cause fur to fade and dry out.                                                                     

2. Avoid any chemicals, odors around fur, simply place the fur items in a bag along with a small container of ground coffee and store it, the coffee will absorb the odor and makes your fur items smell fresh.                                                                           

All original materials we used are ranch raised animals, we promised non wild &non-endangered or non-threatened animal and follow international fish &wildlife regulations, (International parcel shipment of animal products are follow all country laws).

All animals are carefully raised by our trust farmers in Europe and ethically picked by our professional fur experts from authoritative institutions to make sure the origin materials are ethically and high quality.   

Fur products are Ecological and Hypoallergenic